Tension and Compression Force Sensors

We also provide an extensive range of tension and compression force sensors. Three different types are available: load cells with internal or external threads, S-type force sensors and flat sized force transducers. For example, our universal precision force sensor, type K-11, high-precision, extremely compact, easy to install and with standardized nominal value, can be optimally integrated into ex­ist­ing systems. Or our low-cost, but yet highly accurate S beam load cell, type K-25, which is available in very small to medium measuring ranges and optionally (available up to 10 kN) provided with a mechanical stop as overload protection against damages, caused by impermissibly high tensile and compressive forces. These sensors provide standardized analog, unreinforced strain gauge bridge output signals in mV/V. As an option, many of our tension and compression force sensors can be supplied with an extended temperature range of -40°C up to 150°C. Typical applications for these sensor types are for example, material testing machines, rope or elastic force measurement, ex­am­ination of operating forces, determination of force in belt tensioners or bowden controls, industrial process monitoring at press-in, riveting, stamping, drawing operations, … .

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Tension and Compression Force Sensors

Image Type Measuring Range Accuracy Class Range of Application
Tension/Compression Sensor K-1563 K-1563 100..2000 N 0.15..0.3 E.g. for Material Testing or Rope Force Measuring
Tension/Compression Sensor K-12 K-12 0.5..1000 kN 0.1..0.25 E.g. for Tension/Compressive Testing Machines or Survey of Actuating Forces
Tension/Compression Sensor K-2145 K-2145 0.5..200 kN 0.1..0.25 E.g. for Material Testing or Spring Force Measuring
Tension/Compression Transducer K-1427 K-1427 0.5..200 kN 0.1..0.25 E.g. for Material Testing Machines or Press-In Force Measurement
Tension/Compression Cell K-25 K-25 0.02..50 kN 0.1..0.2 E.g. for Tension/Compressive Testing Machines
Tension/Compression Sensor K-2698 K-2698 100..600 kN 0.5..1.0 E.g. for Industrial Process Control for Press Fitting, Riveting, Clinching, Stamping, Drawing ..
Tension/Compression Sensor K-11 K-11 0.5..2000 kN 0.05..1.0 E.g. for Material Testing Machines, Press-In Force Measurement, Roll Force Applications ..
Dual Range Sensor Type Measuring Range Accuracy Class Range of Application
Dual Range Tension/Compression Sensor K-1882 K-1882 Dual Range Force Transducer
1 / 10 kN
15 / 150 kN
0.2..0.4 E.g. for Monitoring of Assembly Forces in the Automobile Industry
Special Accessories Type Range of Application
Special Accessories EF, EM, ED, E2, EF42, E3 EF, EM, EF42,
ED, E2, E3
Force Transmissions, Thrust Pieces and Mounting Flanges

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